Movin' on up in the world of voice acting (and other topics)

2012-12-20 12:35:05 by TheAtticus

Hey, been awhile since I've done one of these things... over a year, in fact... and nobody read it. ANYWAY!

I'm totally stoked about being home. My first semester at college was rough. It was good, but it really stressful. So, I'm glad I'm back at home for some long-deserved relaxation.

But that's not why I'm posting. The reason is that I'M IN A NEW FLASH CARTOON! And not just any Flash cartoon; I'm in Four Swords Misadventures, one of the most popular ongoing Zelda spoofs on Newgrounds. I play Bagu, one of the apprentices to an old man that the protagonists have to go see for their quest. Here's the link (no pun intended):

Four Swords Misadventures Episode 8

Now I can say that I have experience as a voice actor... even though I recorded the lines for it roughly two years ago, so technically, I had the experience all along. Regardless, hopefully this means people will be more willing to give me roles. (Hint, hint, movie makers)

So now that I'm a somewhat accomplished voice actor on this site, I plan to do some more stuff with it. I'm thinking that during my break, I'll make a new demo reel. I even have already written a script for a monologue that I might do.

And if by some chance anyone who wants me to do a voice for them, shoot me a PM... Go ahead... Please? So far, this is all I got as far as Newgrounds goes, at least until episode 9 comes out (which I'm also in). C'mon, I want some damn work


EDIT: WHOOO, WE GOT A DAILY FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid that we might've lost out to Neurotically Yours, but thanks to everyone who gave us such good reviews.

EDIT 2: FRONT PAGE! Things are looking good for us!


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2012-12-20 14:41:20

Hey, congratulations on working up the ladder. I might check out the cartoon sometime, see what it entails.