Entry #5

I Turned 19 Today AKA Happy Belated New Year

2013-01-07 13:54:04 by TheAtticus

Hey guys! I noticed that a bunch of people were making posts to celebrate the New Year. I... was too lazy to do that. Besides, I thought that I might as well wait 'til now to do it, since I was planning on making this post today, so let me take his time to wish you a HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

So like I was saying, I planned on making this post today since today, it's my birthday! That's right: exactly 19 years ago, a little boy from Jersey came into this world, not knowing that he would become... a mildly successful voice actor on the Internet.

But yeah, 2012 (and my time as an 18-year-old) was a great time for me. I got the main role in my high school musical, I started going to college, I voted in my first election, and my first major role debuted on Newgrounds. I'm looking forward to this year, and I'm going to try to make the best of it. Here's to the future!



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